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13:28 Sun 18/03/18 (GMT)
Member Since:Tue 28/04/09 (BST)2009/04/28 04:26 GMTE dd/MM/yy (z)
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Details:Male, 21, England
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Im Jamie
22 From Derby , England, I Support Derby County, And If You Want To Chat Just Say Hey, And I'll Reply , I Dont Bite, I Promise.
Don't come on here as often so if you need me just drop me a message folks

I've learnt on my time on here its not the tournys you win what counts its the people you meet, ive won a few tournys and should of been a lot more, but some of the guys and girls ive met on here are top class! and cause im an oldie on this site now, some of them have left, or with great sadness of my heart passed away, but I will never forget the games ive played, don't forget this is an community with some world class folks in it, so next time don't forget to say hello

R.I.P Punishers :)
Tuesday 16th July 2009 - Sunday 6th September 2009

First Original Cent
28th July 2010 - 103

I've got a brand new combine harvester

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Won This Month17
All Time Points Won3,111
Arcade SnookerIntermediate
Ranking691.7 (979th)
Wins1,135 (50.0%)
Losses1,133 (50.0%)
Abandoned52 (2.3%)
Highest Break94
Half Centuries68
Tournament Wins8
Micro Tourny Wins8
Regular SnookerIntermediate
Ranking648.2 (1,515th)
Wins339 (49.9%)
Losses340 (50.1%)
Abandoned15 (2.2%)
Highest Break88
Half Centuries18
Tournament Wins6
Original SnookerIntermediate
Ranking679.8 (626th)
Wins1,412 (58.4%)
Losses1,005 (41.6%)
Abandoned68 (2.8%)
Highest Break103
Half Centuries28
Tournament Wins9
Micro Tourny Wins3
Killer SnookerAdept
Ranking708.7 (232nd)
Wins99 (48.1%)
Losses107 (51.9%)
Turn Success1,315 of 1,731 (76.0%)
Safeties320 of 1,205 (26.6%)
Ranking656.8 (916th)
Wins11 (19.3%)
Losses46 (80.7%)
Turn Success114 of 704 (16.2%)
Greatest Run5
Runs of 5+1
Power SnookerIntermediate
Ranking663.5 (1,051st)
Wins41 (48.8%)
Losses43 (51.2%)
Abandoned5 (6.0%)
Highest Break110
Half Centuries27
Tournament Wins1
Micro Tourny Wins2
Tournament Wins4
Micro Tourny Wins1
Wins2,938 (53.4%)
Losses2,567 (46.6%)
Abandoned140 (2.5%)
Tournament Wins28
Micro Tourny Wins14