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About Me
J is for Justsumgirl that is all i am
U is for Understanding understand me if ya can
S is for Sexy that is something im not!
T is for Temper an ine of them ive got
S is for Sensitive something we all can be
U is for Unruly like the hair on me!
M is for Messy thats like my nights out
G is for Girls friends mine i cant do without
I is for Imperfections yes ive got them too
R is for Romantic i am through an through
L is for Love something we love to feel...
I hope y'all like my little rhyme tryna keep it real
Arcade SnookerIntermediate
Ranking675.0 (1,396th)
Wins20 (6.6%)
Losses284 (93.4%)
Abandoned17 (5.6%)
Highest Break22
Original SnookerNewbie
Ranked Games 14 / 30
Ranking677.7 (705th)
Wins2 (14.3%)
Losses12 (85.7%)
Highest Break16
Killer SnookerNewbie
Ranked Games 3 / 50
Ranking675.0 (513th)
Wins0 (0.0%)
Losses3 (100.0%)
Turn Success44 of 78 (56.4%)
Safeties10 of 41 (24.4%)
Wins*22 (6.9%)
Losses296 (93.1%)
Abandoned17 (5.3%)