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07:02 Wed 14 Sep 05 (BST)  [Link]  
Hi, and welcome to funkysnooker.com!

The game is a prototype, demo only. This game is released to see feedback about new physics and capabilities of the funkypool engine. When we're happy with the changes funkypool will be updated similarly.

Currently you can not sign up, and you are only able to practice (you can't play an opponent). Practice game has some rudimentary logic to give your break score.

You realistically need a higher screen resolution to play this game. 1024*768 is the reccommended minimum. (To increase your resolution: right click your windows desktop and select properties, select settings and change the slider.)

The game is harder than funkypool!. Remember this is a snooker table. funkypool is an arcade style game - funkysnooker is more of a simulation.

Please give me feedback on the funkypool forum about the new features. Namely side spin and the new cushions - both of these will go into the funkypool game later! Additionally "lag prevention" and different volume ball hit sounds are also in place.

Anyway, have fun! Nick
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Welcome to funkysnooker.com!

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