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00:28 Fri 22 Dec 06 (GMT)  [Link]  
funkysnooker - major upgrade

funkysnooker has been upgraded to add a whole lot more features.

Fresh look website
The website has been given an overhaul to give a fun yet more professional look. You should find the pages more consistant and intuitive.

User profile
You can attach a user picture to your profile. Simply go to Edit your profile, then Edit Picture. This picture is shown in game in the PM windows - click on it to open a member's profile page.

Your recent results are also available to yourself and anyone else interested. Simply look at your profile page and then click "Events", "Results".

Guest policy has changed
Guests can now chat within friendly game rooms and can respond to PM messages (but can not initiate them).

Chat text area has been upgraded
The chat text area is more interactive. Links and usernames are clickable. If you click a username within the chat area it opens a private message window with the user.

Forum abilities have increased
You can now post a picture and quote other users.

The actual game is untouched except for a few minor bugfixes and optimisations eg the game download size is 15% smaller.

Hope you enjoy the upgrades!
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funkysnooker major upgrade

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