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Details:Male, 27, England
About Me

Name: Simon
Sex: Male
Age: 27
Location: Stoke-on-Trent

Funkysnookers first Premium member

I've given up some really hard things in my life some I regret every day some you move to get on that's life you learn from what you've done! I just hope all is well with everything!

I am a huge Stoke City fan! You can all join the City Barmy Army,
We are not just a normal team we have got a soul and its Called Britannia Stadium this is where each and every fan that enters it is apart of a family and when we step foot onto the stands we are making our mark as the greatest team to have ever walked the country!

Rain Snow or Shine the potters are here for life!

On the 17th of April as a Fortress we enterd the Stadium that is renown for making dreams come true, as you walk down Wembley way you get a sense this is your day, the mass mixed crowds all cheering after the same result but deep down you know theres only 1 victory and you are praying it's in your favour. You get to the Stadium admiring the view from your seat then players come out you get a chill as the Stadium RAWS! You sit their anxious hoping to get a early lead, even when you get it your more nervious you could throw it away. Then after one of the highest scoring FA Cup Semi games of all time you stand you clap your lads off who have worked so hard. As 1 you all stand on your feet to watch the oposition fans leave thats when the magic happens we raise our arms and Sing the song that we always put our heart and soul into DELILAH and THATS THE GREATEST FEELING IN THE WORLD!

Arcade Cents:

107 * 2
All Time Points Won9,339
Arcade SnookerAdept
Ranking759.3 (235th)
Wins4,008 (54.7%)
Losses3,317 (45.3%)
Abandoned38 (0.5%)
Highest Break107
Half Centuries487
Tournament Wins30
Micro Tourny Wins16
Regular SnookerAdept
Ranking746.6 (177th)
Wins238 (49.4%)
Losses244 (50.6%)
Abandoned4 (0.8%)
Highest Break67
Half Centuries13
Tournament Wins3
Original SnookerAdept
Ranking748.5 (158th)
Wins183 (42.9%)
Losses244 (57.1%)
Abandoned10 (2.3%)
Highest Break67
Half Centuries4
Tournament Wins4
Micro Tourny Wins1
Killer SnookerAdept
Ranking735.0 (137th)
Wins720 (61.2%)
Losses457 (38.8%)
Turn Success6,658 of 8,728 (76.3%)
Safeties1,968 of 6,068 (32.4%)
Ranking664.4 (902nd)
Wins190 (40.0%)
Losses285 (60.0%)
Abandoned5 (1.1%)
Turn Success1,444 of 5,976 (24.2%)
Greatest Run5
Runs of 5+2
Greatest Practice Run3
Tournament Wins3
Power SnookerAdept
Ranking741.3 (77th)
Wins54 (65.1%)
Losses29 (34.9%)
Highest Break109
Half Centuries28
Tournament Wins1
Wins4,673 (53.2%)
Losses4,119 (46.8%)
Abandoned57 (0.6%)
Tournament Wins41
Micro Tourny Wins17