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09:59 Wed 4 Jan 06 (GMT)  [Link]  
Tournaments are now available starting friday 6th January.

If you are a regular at funkypool then you will already be aware of how these work, if not i will go through some things you need to know...

Currently there are 4 tournament slots per week

monday,wednesday,friday & sunday

each tournament will have the same details which are:

Start time to register: 19:30
Start time for 1st round: 19:40
Max Players: 32
Shot time limit: 20 seconds
Game time limit: 15 minutes
Frames per match: 1 (semi and final = race to 2)

To join a tournament, visit the home page at the start time to register and do the following...

1) Click tournaments on the left.
2) Click the appropriate tournament for that day
3) Click join tournament

thats it!

when its your turn to play you will receive an invite on the right of your game screen.

If you opponent doesnt turn up you must stay in your game until the end of the round or you will also be disqualified.

leaving, disconnections, and delay of game all result in a disqualifcation.

Hope you enjoy the tournaments.


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Funkysnookers Official Tournaments

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