Forum Rules and How To Report An Error (read before posting)

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03:27 Tue 27 May 08 (BST)  [Link]  
The Game Queries Forum has specific rules in addition to the general forum rules (found here )

What can be posted here?
Queries about the game (technical or otherwise), any suggestions you'd like to air, or any specific problems.

This forum should not be used to discuss players or records, general help etc, please use the appropriate forum for that.

How should I post?
Before starting a new thread please perform a forum search. It's neater this way, and maybe your query has already been answered.

Please can members refrain from using "txt spk" in this forum.

The language we use here is English and it costs no more to write the full words. Decent spelling and grammar shows that you have spent time on creating your post hence you have considered what you are saying.

This also allows us to understand your query or suggestion without having to translate it and allows people who don't use English as their first language to be able to understand the threads.

How can I report a problem?
If you wish to report an error please:
- Search the forum for a similar error and add to the post.
- Post your system information, found here
- Detail your web browser
- Give a descriptive error of the problem

If the game page details "Sorry, an error has occurred (this has been logged on the server)." there is no need to report it - details of the error are sent automatically to the server.

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Forum Rules and How To Report An Error (read before posting)

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