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Welcome to the first newsletter from funkysnooker. This newsletter will go out monthly to all members who have elected to receive the newsletters. Each month we'll give you some information about the site, display the highest ranked players and have a brief interview with a "legendary" player.

funkysnooker is an independent online snooker game created in 2005 as the sister site of funkypool. There are now over 36 thousand members on funkysnooker who have played a combined total of over 2 million online games. We have 2 games available to users on funkysnooker - arcade and original (simulation).

Top ranked players

Arcade Snooker

Rankings generated at 17:00 BST 28th May 2008.

Member interview

Our first interview at funkysnooker will be with ste_efc who has achieved a phenomenal 157 maximums in arcade snooker, not to mention 152 other centuries, 1,422 half centuries and 50 tournament wins!

Why do you like funkysnooker?
I play funkysnooker for the simple reason i love playing and its the best online game by a mile!

Do you play in real life?
I do play occasionally, but am really rubbish lol.

What is your greatest accomplishment?
My greatest accomplishment would have to be over taking Sean_paul with 107's

Can you give any game play tips?
My best tip would have to be, play for black every shot its amazing how many times it pays off.

Do you have any tips on winning tournaments?
Pretty much the same as above play for black and make sure your up to scratch tactically and you'll be a success.

Any bad habits while playing funkysnooker?
Looking at forums whilst playing, i always miss lol

Who is your favorite real life player?
My favourite play is Ronnie O'Sullivan, true legend!

Thanks for answering the questions, ste_efc.

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