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About Me
The Dead Meat clan was formed on the 25/5/16 ultimately to compete in the Snooker League. At this stage Dead Meat are competing in their first season as an established clan in the three leagues available on the site.

Season One

League - Champions
Clan Cup - Plate Champions
Killer Cup - Second Place

Clan League Format


Six Frames Of Arcade
Six Frames Of Regular
Six Frames Of Original
Six Frames Of Carom

Two v Two In Killer.


One Frame Of Arcade
One Frame Of Regular
One Frame Of Original
One Frame Of Carom
One Frame Of Power

11 Frames = Two Points
10 Frames = One Point
9 Frames = Zero Points

Players Championship

Two Frames Arcade
Two Frames Regular
Two Frames Original

50 - 99 Break
Extra One Point

100 - 147 Break
Extra Two Points

Individual League

One Frame Arcade
One Frame Regular
One Frame Original
One Frame Carom
One Frame Power

First player to reach three points is winner.

Arcade SnookerNewbie
Ranked Games 0 / 30
Ranking675.0 (1,545th)
Wins1 (14.3%)
Losses6 (85.7%)
Highest Break27
Regular SnookerNewbie
Ranked Games 0 / 30
Ranking675.0 (1,005th)
Wins5 (45.5%)
Losses6 (54.5%)
Highest Break75
Half Centuries3
Killer SnookerNewbie
Ranked Games 0 / 50
Ranking675.0 (596th)
Wins0 (0.0%)
Losses1 (100.0%)
Turn Success10 of 14 (71.4%)
Safeties2 of 10 (20.0%)
Wins*6 (33.3%)
Losses12 (66.7%)