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Game Announcements 

Information regarding upcoming events, changes, and plans for funkysnooker.

The Funkysnooker Super Tournaments, July/August.

by budweiser
01:35 Thu 11 Jun 15 (BST)

Game Queries 

Chat about the game, including questions, suggestions and problems.

browser problems

by dgeneratio
10:50 Wed 1 Jul 15 (BST)

Game Shouts 

Post here any achievements, convincing wins, great shots performed, or any high breaks that you enjoyed!

Dedications.. Round 4!

by dgeneratio
09:35 Wed 1 Jul 15 (BST)

Tournament News 

Post here to discuss upcoming tournaments, news, etc...

Upcoming Tournaments Chatroom

by budweiser
11:39 Tue 30 Jun 15 (BST)

Events, Clans and Leagues

Snooker Events Forum 

A place to discuss tournaments, ladders, leagues, winner stays on and any unofficial events!

CPL Carom Premier League

by masterful
21:31 Mon 29 Jun 15 (BST)

Clan and League Chat 

Create, join, arrange and discuss clan and league matches here.

F.S.D (III) Were Still Standing

by destroyer_v2
12:36 Wed 1 Jul 15 (BST)

Clan League Management 

This forum is for the management of Clan League Clan and League matches only. Use Clan and League Chat for discussion and comments

Clan League News

by dgeneratio
09:50 Wed 1 Jul 15 (BST)


General Chat 

Post about anything here!

Happy chatters (gen chat 6)

by precision
00:00 Tue 30 Jun 15 (BST)

Sports Chat 

Talk about your favourite sports here.

Tennis Wimbledon 2015!

by abbylew
09:47 Mon 8 Jun 15 (BST)

Fun and Games 

Post your favourite jokes, games and fun links here!

Reverse time holders 10

by dgeneratio
22:11 Tue 30 Jun 15 (BST)

Computer, Internet and Console chat 

Talk about anything Computer/Console related here!

Why don't people have PC's anymore

by cortez
00:23 Wed 3 Jun 15 (BST)

Fun Links 

Forum for members to post links to other sites they enjoy. No personal or referral sites please.

Who was this???

by chezz021
13:40 Thu 30 Apr 15 (BST)