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16:14 Mon 13/05/24 (BST)
Member Since:Tue 25/08/09 (BST)2009/08/25 06:36 GMTE dd/MM/yy (z)
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Details:Male, 24, England
About Me
at last it came a max arcade break after my return. took too long to get that again. lol. 17/05/21 possibly 8 years since the last one lol.

Im 35 now i used to lay this religiously (lol) ten years ago ish... i was good then. lol, now im not as good but equally im just here to hit a few balls and see what happens.

i have noticed that no one actually has a match anymore because as soon as they lose a frame they leave lol. even if they are 3.0 up you win one they leave. its actually quite funny how many people cant handle losing a game of funky snooker in 2021.

back in the day............. ( this was on here when i looked at my profile so ill leave it for the memorys, reminds me of good times a decade ago on this site when people enjoyed it for what it is. a game of online snooker :)
Clan Captain Of.....................
The Black Ops!! Operation Chemtrails

I have been around for a while after a long break off im trying to get some good form back, Always happy to help out with clan pictures and stuff.

The funky world is a crazy one!!!

give me a break about my username as i dont care at all about religion or blasphemy etc etc!!

i am god - now do one ya church freaks!!
A couple of things to be proud of in funky life.

Captained The Hustlers from zero's to title winning hero's
5 maxxes in a day on Arcade
9 tourneys in a day
First day event winner ever
First person to reach 350 reg cents on profile.
Previously Ranked number 1 Overall!!!!

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Day Event Wins2
All Time Points Won11,066
Arcade SnookerAdept
Ranking737.5 (501st)
Wins3,728 (68.3%)
Losses1,730 (31.7%)
Abandoned134 (2.5%)
Highest Break107
Half Centuries1,065
Tournament Wins132
Micro Tourny Wins3
Regular SnookerAdept
Ranking763.4 (62nd)
Wins3,499 (74.5%)
Losses1,200 (25.5%)
Abandoned157 (3.3%)
Highest Break147
Half Centuries1,256
Tournament Wins101
Original SnookerAdept
Ranking745.7 (182nd)
Wins1,218 (72.1%)
Losses472 (27.9%)
Abandoned53 (3.1%)
Highest Break147
Half Centuries365
Tournament Wins63
Killer SnookerAdept
Ranking760.9 (32nd)
Wins308 (79.2%)
Losses81 (20.8%)
Turn Success2,574 of 3,018 (85.3%)
Safeties613 of 2,328 (26.3%)
Ranking740.6 (51st)
Wins1,293 (61.3%)
Losses817 (38.7%)
Abandoned26 (1.2%)
Turn Success9,029 of 21,738 (41.5%)
Greatest Run11
Runs of 5+76
Runs of 10+2
Greatest Practice Total47
Greatest Practice Run14
Tournament Wins16
Power SnookerAdept
Ranking744.2 (78th)
Wins31 (75.6%)
Losses10 (24.4%)
Abandoned1 (2.4%)
Highest Break148
Half Centuries36
Tournament Wins11
Wins9,769 (69.8%)
Losses4,229 (30.2%)
Abandoned371 (2.7%)
Tournament Wins323
Micro Tourny Wins3