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Details:Male, 69, United Kingdom
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About Me
Hi I am a snooker lover ive been playing for must be 60 years now. started at about 9 when my dad took me to the snooker hall. ie working mens clubs. I have really good days and really, why did I ever pick up a cue days
as you can probably tell from my avatar I am a born again Christian and don't know how I would have coped with all the things that have happened to me and my family, without knowing that God was in my life .i know im not allowed to openly talk to people about my faith but if any one wants to talk about anything please pm me and we can chat privately.
Won This Week465
Won This Month27
All Time Points Won1,037
Arcade SnookerIntermediate
Ranking661.1 (2,664th)
Wins70 (40.5%)
Losses103 (59.5%)
Abandoned1 (0.6%)
Highest Break57
Half Centuries4
Tournament Wins4
Micro Tourny Wins4
Regular SnookerIntermediate
Ranking658.7 (1,849th)
Wins22 (36.7%)
Losses38 (63.3%)
Abandoned1 (1.7%)
Highest Break80
Half Centuries1
Tournament Wins5
Micro Tourny Wins1
Original SnookerNewbie
Ranked Games 14 / 30
Ranking625.6 (2,075th)
Wins3 (21.4%)
Losses11 (78.6%)
Highest Break28
Ranked Games 4 / 30
Ranking661.3 (1,036th)
Wins0 (0.0%)
Losses4 (100.0%)
Turn Success6 of 27 (22.2%)
Greatest Run2
Tournament Wins4
Power SnookerNewbie
Ranked Games 14 / 30
Ranking657.2 (1,424th)
Wins5 (35.7%)
Losses9 (64.3%)
Abandoned2 (14.3%)
Highest Break88
Half Centuries2
Micro Tourny Wins2
Wins100 (37.7%)
Losses165 (62.3%)
Abandoned4 (1.5%)
Tournament Wins13
Micro Tourny Wins7