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i h8 ppl who r muggs u know who u is

wanna tap tap alnite coz u care about points more than a good game.

worst ones 1's who do it off the break tap up to the reds and not play for baulk end just plan boring imo and u know it

i not saying that sometimes it the only shot on really but we all know it just a lame game,tapping up to the reds.
some ppl think it good play
Well i not see them on the telly the real pro's doing it regular coz if they did u think ppl pay money to watch that or sit at ya pc alnite tap tap tap waiting for the other person to get bored so they can get a few pots then tap up again to a red!

oh yeah i prob rather lose than play that game coz it just plain boring but if u start it i will copy just to get to u coz we can all play a negative game and if in tourni we both will go out

try go for a snooker rather than tuck up to the cluster of reds when nothing else on just makes for a lame boring game !!

All Time Points Won306
Arcade SnookerAdept
Ranking736.2 (499th)
Wins3,189 (62.1%)
Losses1,946 (37.9%)
Abandoned374 (7.3%)
Highest Break102
Half Centuries361
Tournament Wins18
Micro Tourny Wins1
Regular SnookerAdept
Ranking768.7 (42nd)
Wins557 (70.0%)
Losses239 (30.0%)
Abandoned57 (7.2%)
Highest Break96
Half Centuries59
Tournament Wins9
Micro Tourny Wins1
Original SnookerAdept
Ranking742.6 (187th)
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Highest Break71
Half Centuries18
Tournament Wins14
Killer SnookerAdept
Ranking747.9 (91st)
Wins45 (68.2%)
Losses21 (31.8%)
Turn Success451 of 555 (81.3%)
Safeties99 of 394 (25.1%)
Ranked Games 3 / 30
Ranking675.0 (288th)
Wins2 (66.7%)
Losses1 (33.3%)
Turn Success0 of 12 (0.0%)
Power SnookerAdept
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Losses7 (21.2%)
Abandoned2 (6.1%)
Highest Break102
Half Centuries13
Tournament Wins1
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Abandoned512 (7.0%)
Tournament Wins42
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